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Moto Journal Entry - July 2016

Months of grinding and welding can have ill effects on the mind. One begins to blur the line between "ready to fire up" and "ready for fire road."

With no rear brake, the seat tapped on, zip ties everywheres, "safety wire" (as its prone to prevent accidents?), plus the resounding pounding of my inner voice "Who cares, who cares, who cares! ITS FINALLY BREATHING!!! Whoaoaow!!! Lets Ride"

Suspension - check.
Chain slipping - unfortunately check.
fenders flopping - whatever, check.
90mph - also check! Thats nice!

Wait, what?!... 394 deg F cyl head temp!!! 

Holy Sh!t how do I get back now?!

Today I learned: the terms "air cooled" & "oil cooled" while used almost interchangeably in the motorcycle vernacular, are definitely as far apart as "ready to fire up" and "ready for fire road". The Modern Triumph is under no circumstances meant to be cooled by air alone. Oh well.... Back to the laboratory.

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